Liners and External Vents

Wood Fireplace or Gas Fireplace Liners

    Just like the terracotta in a furnace liner. Your traditional lining in the fireplace may crack and shift over time as well. This can lead to escaped gases including carbon monoxide. The shifting of the tiles leads to excess creosote collection and potential combustion. If the tiles are deemed irreparable, a stainless steel fireplace liner may be necessitated. A stainless steel chimney liner allows for a direct venting of gases from the smoke chamber to the top of the chimney. All our fireplace liners are fabricated in SS304 Stainless and come with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.

//All stainless steel liners are subject to fit and availability upon inspection.

//Windisch Chimney will not install Aluminum liners at this time due to safety concerns

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