Cleaning and Inspections

Cleaning and Inspections

   Creosote Buildup? Draft Issues? Musty smell? Not a problem! Our chimney technicians are trained to diagnose and identify the root of the issue, every time. Our cleanings include a full firebox detail, flue-sweep, and damper scrub, as well as our comprehensive 14-point inspection.

     In addition, we also offer level 2 video inspections for home sales or general peace of mind. Video inspections include a chimney scan of the entire flue-lining, smoke chamber, damper, as well as a the same sweep and cleaning performed in a level 1.

// It is recommended for every residential homeowner to have a chimney sweep and inspection performed once a year, or every other year if the unit is in use < 30 days annually. This includes fireplaces, wood burning, gas fireplaces, stoves, wood stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. Lack of service can lead to unwanted hazards such as creosote buildup, or combustion. These can lead to monoxide poisoning or house-fires. A comprehensive chimney sweep and visual inspection performed by a qualified technician ensures you and your family can operate your fireplace or furnace safely knowing everything has been thoroughly examined. Give us a call today for a competitive rate on your next Chimney Service

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