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      It's no secret the contracting industry has been infiltrated by hacks and salesmen. Once you finally thought you found someone reliable, they make things worse. You've wasted your hard earned money and the job still wasn't done right! 

 70% of the work we perform is repairing other people's "work". Mismatched mortar pointing, pipes drafting the wrong direction, even liners that weren't connected properly. The number one way to avoid situations like these is to have the job done right, once. We don't believe in callbacks, that's why we only install products with Lifetime Warranties backed by the manufacturer as well as offering our own Warranties on our masonry services.

   We always recommend a homeowner pursues at least 3 professional opinions on any home project. It's important to compare and contrast these warranties vs the price to determine the confidence of the contractor. If what they're saying doesn't match the paperwork, it's best to pursue other options. No matter what your next Chimney Project is, consider us for an honest, professional opinion and an affordable rate!


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